Proliance Consulting is a digital marketing and IT staffing firm based in Seattle.

We pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with exceptional candidates–and trusted relationships with outstanding companies. Connecting those two is what we do best.

At Proliance, we’re passionate about embracing the individual and promoting an equitable workplace for all

Here at Proliance, we are powered by people- ALL people. From the relationships we build with our candidates and companies to the culture and environment we nurture within our own organization; we understand that we have an important duty to create a safe, equitable space where everyone can prosper together. Whether you are working with us to find your dream job, looking to partner with us for your staffing needs, or the newest employee at Proliance, understand that we have the intention of qualifying talent over anything else.

In addition to our dedication to people, we also have a desire to learn and grow from continued education. Being culturally conscious is not something that happens overnight, and we recognize that as a company nothing can be resolved without proper knowledge. By utilizing valid outside resources and constantly questioning our daily practice in recruiting, we hope to create an environment where people of all backgrounds can feel comfortable and confident.

Our overarching goal is to not only discuss how to make Proliance an inclusive work environment, but to take action when necessary. We recognize that it is our responsibility to not only create awareness and space for these important discussions, but to also do something about them. By allowing people from all backgrounds to shine, continuing our education, and changing our process from the inside out, we hope to become a company that can serve as an example of an inclusive workplace for all.

Ten core principles drive our work.

Who do we work with?

Hopefully you! We provide IT and creative staffing for contract, contract-to-hire and direct-placement opportunities for a wide range of businesses.

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